Our practice staff and doctors are always involved in further education in order to provide you with the best health outcome.

We have attended the following conferences throughout 2014.

8/10/2014 – Workshop dealing with Online Appointment Systems and Effective Management of Patient Bookings and Billings

19/8/2014 – Northern Sydney Medicare Local conference regarding Triage in General Practice. Staff learned how to identify and manage higher-risk patients in General Practice

29/5/2014 – Infection control competency checking in General Practice. Staff learned about hand hygiene, washing and correct use of alcohol; correct use of Personal Protective Equipment for flu and body fluid spills; cleaning and management of body fluid spills.

13/3/2014 and 4/2/2014 – CPR Training Workshops

Even more than that listed above, the doctors at Gladesville Medical attend conferences on a regular basis to update their knowledge and continue practicing good evidence based medicine.


Infection control workshop photo