Fee Schedule

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GP Consultation Fees from July 2019

Gladesville Medical is a private general practice, and our goal is to provide you with professional care and service. We want you to feel satisfied with the time you have with our doctors, and that your medical matters are taken seriously and are appropriately managed.

Our fee structure reflects the time spent, the number and the complexity of issues discussed during your consultation. We believe you should be informed about the fees before a consultation. The table below demonstrates the fees and the corresponding Medicare rebates and your net contribution.  If you have registered your bank account details with medicare, your benefit will usually be paid into your account the next working day ( http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/enablers/medicare/medicare-online-services/lodge-a-medicare-claim-online).

GP Counsultation Fees
Adults Fee Medicare Rebate Net Contribution
Standard (up to 15 min) $78.00 $38.20 $39.80
Long (20-40 min) $145.00 $73.95 $71.05
Prolonged (>40 min) $200.00 $108.85 $91.95
Antenatal Shared Care $88.00 $47.90 $40.10
Children (under 16 years) Fee Medicare Rebate Net Contribution
Standard (up to 15 min) $58.00 $38.20 $19.80
Long (20-40 min) $115.00 $73.95 $41.05
Prolonged (>40 min) $160.00 $108.85 $51.15
We bulkbill pensioners and health care card holders.
DVA Gold Card:Direct billing to Dept Veteran Affairs

A fee of $15 will be applied for phone requests to pick  up  lost scripts, referrals, and request forms subject to the doctor’s agreement (at least 48 hours turnover).

WorkCover Consultation Fees
Standard (up to 15 min) $81.00
Long (20-40 min) $148.00
Prolonged (>40min) $225.00
Initial WorkCover Certificate $47.30
Case Conference $24.10/5 min +GST
NB. You will get back 100% WorkCover Fees from the insurance company

Psychologist Consultation Fee with Petroula Quinn

Standard 1 hour session $ 170.

Clinical Psychologist Consultation Fee with Marie-Lisa Boukarim

Standard 1 hour session $ 220.

Medicare rebates $84.80 (psychologist) and $124.50 (clinical psychologist)  to eligible patients who have a GP mental health treatment plan.

(For more information please visit http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/mental-ba-fact-pat)